Free Healing and Self-Empowerment Resources

Healing & Forgiveness Prayers

Practicing forgiving and forgetting itself induces energy healing. It helps in immediate disconnection from the source of unwanted energy. This can be easily and effectively combine with healing self and healing the source of unwanted energy as well. All ancient traditions of practicing empathy, compassion forgiveness and service to others work in a similar manner.

Here is a set of forgiveness prayers which help in healing self & others through very simple affirmations.

Health Resolutions,Wellbeing & Goal Achievments - BetterAll_Ver3.21.pdf

Self Healing Guided Meditation

All human beings are gifted with innate self-healing potential. Your powerful mind connects all to universal consciousness. Mental intentions in meditative states can work wonders. This self-healing meditation created and narrated by Ashutosh Bahuguna includes flavours of Yogic systems, Hypnosis, Creative Visualisation and subconscious condition for a powerful healing in just fifteen minutes. Practice it as often for enhancing results.

24 Position Healing Guided Audio

24 Position Healing covers all major body parts, organs and Chakras. This audio has been narrated and compiled by Ashutosh Bahuguna for effective healing. Binaural beats have been used for deep relaxation, making the self-healing experience pleasurable. Anyone can use this audio for a meditative and healing experience.