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Aura - Subtle Energy Surrounding the Physical Body

Aura is thee subtle -energy field around all objects. Living, sentient beings have the ability to effect changes to Aura. Aura keeps changing constantly with various facets of life.  Keeping Aura healthy, balanced & strong is an advisable way of improving well being. 

The Aura is in many shapes and sizes. The important factor is the balance and strength of Aura. Aura can be checked by various methods like L-Rods, Dowsing,  Prana Violet healing wand, Peacock feather, feeling the Aura pressure, Seeing Aura and Aura Scanning with hand. 

Knowledge of subtle energy associated with all objects existed in all ancient civilizations.  A predominantly strong flow of this subtle energy was noticed In living being. Since this strong  energy flow was associated with living beings, till the time  they were alive, it was deciphered that this subtle energy flow was the reason for life in a physical body. The association of a soul energy that travels from one physical body to another was also a predominant knowledge of the ancient civilizations. According to the ancient wisdoms, the moment the soul was associated with a physical body, the subtle energy flow started and the physical body had life till the flow persisted. Death was associated with the soul relinquishing the body and the intimidate cessation of the subtle energy flow. 

Prana, Mana, Ki, Chi, ether and Spirit as some of the names given to this energy filed, aslo called 'Life Force Energy' today. Various Ancient systems that propogated this concept of soul existnse . enregy  there predominant flow prevalent all objects was in living beings was called in supporting life was observed and understood by ancient civilizations and documented as 
-  Prana, 'Prana- Naadi' and Chkara in the Indian Vedic texts 
- 'Meridians' and acupressure/acupuncture points in the ancient China.
-  Mana in Ancient Mayan
-  Tree of life  in Kabbalah 
-  Ether or Spirit in the European Civilisations
-  Native American Indians believed that the body is contained in a soul 

Chakras are major energy confluences in the subtle energy flow around us. Chakras govern various facets of life, as laid down by ancient researchers in India in form of scriptures.  Keeping the Chakras healthy makes one tread on a high life state.

A Chart for insight to Chakras is given below.

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