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Empower Yourself for Better & Better

with Ashutosh Bahuguna

Learn simple ways to become self-reliant in changing self for improving life and everything else !

Everyone should be self-empowered for living a good life and making all better & better. Simple practices for achieving this can be very easily imbibed and practiced by everyone. Adults, Children, Business People, Corporate People, Artists, Writers, Government Officials, Researchers, Sports Persons – anyone that one can think of ! Spiritual wellness practices are rewarding. They excite the mind and inner being with knowledge and experiences that may have been missed out in formal education. Enjoying a life full of excitement, fun, happiness, good health, love, prosperity, achievements, good relationships, creativity, contributions and inner peace is a part of spirituality. Spiritual practices can enhance everyday fun, enjoyment and happiness. Be your own guide in the right direction with simple and practical methods that seamlessly fit into routines at workplace, home, schools, leisure activities or anywhere else.


and empower yourself to improve all aspects of life state with powerful yet simple methods of Mental and Emotional Wellness, Energy Healing Tools, Meditation, Mind Power Enhancement & ' Practical Spirituality'

... All Can. You too !

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with Practical Spiritual Practices, Reiki Attunements, Reiki Healing, Energy Healing, Chakra Healing, Custom Healing Meditations & Sub-Conscious Management . Learn Spiritual Wellness practices while getting healed.

... In person or wherever you are.

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using very simple Guided Meditations, Affirmations/Prayers and spiritual practices. Experience own haling ability and encourage all you know to do the same. The methods have been made so simple that all can use them.

... Experience latent powers easily

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Healing & Meditation always have a simple outcome of making all 'Better & Better'.

Bliss Cosmic Healing is a Venture by Sqn Ldr Ashutosh Bahuguna AFV, a spiritual enthusiast & Reiki Grandmaster dedicated towards spreading awareness of self-empowerment beyond what we can usually perceive. The education system may not fully address the ways of leading a good life. This is the area that is focused upon at Bliss Cosmic Healing. Simple and practical methods blending ancient knowledge with modern requirements is a key feature of the worskhops. He is also working on Aura interpretation with digital photographs and a simple self-healing breath-work method - BLISS Breathing (Breathe Life in Soulful Serenity).

Ashutosh has pursued various meditation, mind-power enhancement & energy healing methods through instructional workshops and self-help educational material over last 20 years. He has the practical experience overcoming a severe medical issue, using these methods ten years ago. He is coaching enthusiasts in energy healing & mind power enhancement for the past four years. Ashutosh is an ex-military leader of Indian Air Force. An alumnus of National Defence Academy, Air Force Academy and Management Development Institute, he piloted military helicopters for 13 years in Indian Air Force and United Nations before taking on corporate roles. He has always been a keen seeker of spiritual practices and powers beyond perceivable existence.

Foundation of Energy Healing lay in the family upbringing following many Vedic traditions. Childhood learning of Yogasanas and Pranyaam from his father in a playful manner, made him progress further on this path. National Defence Academy and Pilot training in youthful days had elements of formal yoga training. He instinctively meditated without any guidance since childhood. The quest for meditative practices lead to deeper seeking of Yogic traditions which helped him later. He was able to overcome 'Sarcaidosis' without medication using 'Pranayaam', meditations as well as auto-suggestions. Practical implementation of guidance on subconscious conditioning by Dr Joseph Murphy helped immensely in this endeavor. He actively conducted Pranayaam practice sessions for all unit personnel he was leading, while in Indian Air Force. He furthered his journey by making rapid progress in Reiki Healing, Dowsing and Hypnotherapy under guidance of Dr Savita Sharma & Dr NK Sharma of Reiki Healing Foundation.

Having learnt Reiki from founders of Reiki Healing Foundation, similar pedagogy in respect of Reiki Levels is followed. Workshop content has been modified to incorporate best practices from other Mind Mastery and Energy Healing methodologies. Kids' Mind Development workshops have also been developed for awakening the genius within all children.

Ashutosh is a practicing Reiki Grand Master for past four years. He is also a keen practitioner of Energy Medicine, Prana Violet Healing, Dowsing, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP, Crystal Healing, Tarot Card Reading, Subconscious Mind Methodologies, Brainwave Entertainment & Mind-Power Development to make all better & better. He is currently authoring a series on practical applications of Energy Healing pivoted around Reiki, under the adopted name Parmanand|(परमानंद). The books are available on kindle as off now. He has made several self-help audios for meditation and self-healing. He has also developed digital photo processing methodology to reveal Aura. It is currently being improved under a Project 'Aura Imaging Digitized'. Please visit the social media platforms of Facebook and YouTube for various resources on healing which included meditations, digital aura imaging and educational shares.

Heartfelt gratitude to the whole cosmos for perpetual, guidance, empowerment and protection for making this world, a better one !

|| May all Be Blissful || ... always in all ways.