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Everyone's capable. You too !  

Energy is associated with all aspects of our lives - physical, mental, emotional, karmic, relationships & lifestyle. Healing this energy is an easy way towards overall wellness. Improving  health, happiness, prosperity, life achievements, intuition, Calmness of Mind, Focus and much more can be achieved with Energy Healing. Reiki packaged with other methods is an excellent life improvement methodology. Try it with us if you haven't! 



In person or wherever you are.

Get yourself healed to experience Energy Healing. Healing can undertaken in person or in distance. Visit our office or get in touch for discussing the healing requirement. We will guide you to follow simple spiritual practices alongside healing for a lasting effect of the healing. Healing is best accomplished by self-healing. We encourage those in requirement to learn healing so that they may use the learning for self and others for lifetime.



With simple adaptable methods. 

Meditation for wellness in an integrated part of all healing methodologies practiced and propagated here. Whether learning or being healed, meditation awareness is imparted to all. We encourage all to take up simple self-healing practices. These are easily adaptable in all situations. A self-help giveaway page on this sites provides original effective mediation methodology for healing self and others. 

Healing & Meditation always have a simple outcome of making all'Better & Better'. 


Sqn Ldr (Retd) Ashutosh Bahuguna

Reiki Grand Master

Workshops & Healing activities are lead by Squadron Leader Ashutosh Bahuguna AFV. He has pursued various Energy Healing, Meditation and  Mind-Power  methodologies through instructional workshops and self-development over last 20 years. He is teaching Energy Healing & Mind-Power Development for the past four years.

Ashutosh was an officer in Indian Air Force for 13 years before taking on corporate roles. An alumnus of National Defence Academy, Air Force Academy and Management Development Institute, he has been a keen seeker of spiritual practices and powers beyond perceivable existence.

Foundation of Energy Healing lay in the family upbringing following many Vedic traditions. Childhood learning of Yogasanas and Pranyaam from his father in a playful manner, made him progress further on this path. National Defence Academy and Pilot training in youthful days had elements of formal yoga practices. He instinctively meditated without any guidance since childhood. The quest for meditative practices lead to deeper seeking of Yogic traditions which helped him later. He was able to overcome 'Sarcaidosis' without medication using 'Pranayaam' and  meditations inspired by subconscious conditioning methodologies propagated by Dr Joseph Murphy.  He actively conducted Pranayaam practice sessions for all unit personnel he was leading, while in Indian Air Force. He furthered his journey by making rapid progress in Reiki Healing, Dowsing and Hypnotherapy under guidance of Dr Savita Sharma & Dr NK Sharma of Reiki Healing Foundation. 


Having learnt Reiki from  founders of Reiki Healing Foundation, similar pedagogy in respect of  Reiki Levels is followed. Workshop content has been modified to incorporate best practices from other Mind Mastery and Energy Healing methodologies. Kids' Mind Development workshops have also been developed for awakening the genius within all children.


Ashutosh is a practicing Reiki Grand Master for past four years. He is also a keen practitioner of Energy Medicine, Prana Violet Healing, Dowsing, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP, Crystal Healing, Tarot Card Reading, Subconscious Mind Methodologies, Brainwave Entertainment &  Mind-Power Development to make all better & better. He is currently authoring a series on practical applications of Energy Healing, Pivoted around Reiki, under the adopted name Parmanand|(परमानंद). The books are available on kindle as off now. He has made several self-help audios for meditation and self-healing. He has also developed digital photo processing methodology to reveal Aura. It is currently being improved under a Project 'Aura Imaging Digitized'. Please visit the social media platforms of Facebook and YouTube for various resources on healing which included meditations, digital aura imaging and educational shares. 

May all be connected, healed, protected and guided by Divine. 

 May all be blessed  always in all ways. 

|| May all Be Blissful ||