Empowering You with Energy Healing, Meditation, Yogic Methods, Mind Power, Hypnosis & more ..

Self-Empowerment Workshops

The purpose of the workshops is to empower all with lfie perspectives that may have been missed out in the modern day education. There is a vast subject coverage which includes
-Understanding omnipresent presence of Energy
-Soul existence realization
-How the mind works
-Emotions. Effect of emotions and intentions
-Importance of making internal changes for improvement
-Meditation hacks. How mediation benefits.
-Law of attraction. Changing self to attract what one wants.
-Importance of acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude
-Subconscious conditioning. Relevance in our daily life.
-Affirmations, how they work and how to make affirmations work.
-How Healing works.
-Healing Instruments and Aids.
-Science of ‘Symbology’. How to use it in whatever we do.
-Developing a personalized self-improvement, meditations and healing system.

The emphasis is on interactive exposure & deep comprehension directed towards personal improvements as well as improvement of all that a person can influence. 

Reiki is the base system for learning Energy Healing. It is only 30% of the overall learning in workshops. Seekers are made aware of the deeper principals which make the healing systems work. Active participation in practical experiential learning during workshops prepares participants for self-practice. Guided audios for meditation & Reiki practice provided during workshops have been sound engineered for a deep relaxing experience.

 Kids mind development workshops entail fun methods of learning and imbibing ways to develop the mind beyond the realized potential.

- Certificates are provided to all participants.
- Handbooks and audio-video aids are provided for easy adaptation to the practice.
- Students are encouraged to repeat future workshops if they can be accommodated.

Note : Levels of Reiki Healing are a per levels followed by Reiki Healing Foundation.


Reiki Level 1 

& Other Keys to Energy Healing

Initiation attunement performed only by Reiki Masters is an easy and effective method of significant energy elevation. It opens Chakras and elevates energy. The 21 day self-healing practice before healing others resolves many issues along with the sustained energy elevation. 

Level 1 healers can heal with hands.


 Level 1

Workshop Content 

- Measure, Feel and See Aura

- See Aura. Aura Scanning
- Energy Healing Basics
- Meditation & Attunement
- 21 Days Self-healing
- Basics of mind conditioning
- How to enhance healing
- Energy Healing Aids
- Beneficial Practices

- Healing others with hands


Level 1

Duration   1 Day ( 3-4 Hours)

Energy Exchange   :  ₹ 2100/-



Reiki Level 2   

& Mindower Development 

Awaken Your Potential Beyond Time & Space. Attunement for third eye activation, performed by a Reiki Master empowers practitioners for telepathic healing, healing without use of hands and Healing symbols. Deeper knowledge of power of subconscious mind, law of attraction, Energy Medicine & dowser healing is imparted. 

Level 2  healers can use Reiki symbols and heal in 'Distance', in nay part of the world. 


 Level 2
Workshop Content

Level 2 Meditation & Attunement Science of Symbols

3 Reiki Healing Symbols

Distance healing

Healing With Dowser

Law of Attraction

Sub-Conscious Mind

Healing Affirmations

Crystals, Pyramids

Energy Healing Aids

Healing Procedures


Level 2

Duration  :  1 Day ( 6-8 Hours)

Energy Exchange   :  ₹ 3000/-



Level 3a 
Master Healer

Level 3 comprises of advanced Reiki Healing Techniques.  Healers are attuned to use the symbol for highest power to perform deep psychic healing. Deeper healing techniques like Psychic attack clearance and Psychic surgery are taught along with use of crystal grids. Symbols from other practices, now used in Reiki are also introduced in this level. Practice of Chakra scanning with instrument is done. Applied Kinesiology, a powerful subconscious detection tool is also introduced.


 Level 3a 
Workshop Content

.Chakra Meditation
.Master Symbol
.Karma Clearance
.Psychic Attack Removal & Protection (Bad vibes,‘Nazar’ etc)
.Psychic Surgery
.Using Chara Scanner
.Applied Kinesiology
.Crystal Grid Healings
.Advance symbols for deeper healing


 Level 3a 

Duration  :  1 Day ( 6-8 Hours)

Energy Exchange   :  ₹ 7500/-


Reiki Master

Reiki Masters undergo a special attunement following which the daily healing is also reduced. Masters can teach other for Level 1,2 & 3a. Karuna Reiki is also introduced.


Reiki Master 

Workshop Content 

- Mastership Meditation 
- Mastership Attunement
- Usui Reiki Attunement Symbols
- Attuning for level 1,2 & 3a
- Healing Attunement
- Karuna Reiki Practices & Symbols


Reiki Master

Duration  :  2 Day (12- 14 Hours)

Energy Exchange   :  ₹ 21000/-


Reiki Grand Master

This is the highest teaching of Reiki. This level has been introduced by Reiki Healing Foundation where Maters' attunement, special attunements for Prosperity, Relationship & Students,  developing custom attunements and symbols, mass healing and special healing grid are introduced.


Reiki Grand Master 

Workshop Content 

-Attuning Masters

-Science of Symbology & Developing Custom Attunements
-Prosperity, Relationship  & Student Attunements
-Mass Healing
-Grand Master Crystal Grid
-Mediation methods
-Reiki Developments


Reiki Grand Master

Duration  :  2 Day (12- 14 Hours)

Energy Exchange   :  ₹ 21000/-

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Unravel Genius Minds
Kids Mind Development Workshop
Age 7-14 


Unravel Genius Minds
Kids Mind Development Workshop
Age 7-14

-Brain and the Mind Exposure
-How to develop new brain patterns
-Exposure to Mid Brain Exercises.
-Meditation explained Kids way. How to meditate easily.
-Energy Body, how to see, feel & measure
-Applied Kinesiology. How to use it.
-Practice Meditation
-Attunement for Mind & Brain Activation.
-Intuition development exercises.
-Memorizing techniques
-Developing good habits


Unravel Genius Minds
Kids Mind Development Workshop
Age 7-14

Duration  : 2 Days. 
One Full Day & First Half of Second Day  
(10-12 Hours)

Energy Exchange   :  ₹ 2100/-