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Prana - Foundation of almost all Energy Healing


What is Prana? 

 'Prana' is a Sanskrit word प्राण 

‘Pra’  प्रा refers to “First” 
‘Na’  refers to “ Unit”

Prana was considered the first unit of everything. In other words, it is the energy that is creating everything - physical or subtle. In the Panch Kosha or Five Sheaths, it is the immediate subtle energy sheath around physical body. Prana flows in tubular patterns around the body. Prana flow was depicted as 'Prana-Naadis' in Yoga and Meridians in the Chinese system. 'Ki', 'Chi', 'Mana' & 'Life Force Energy' are some other names for Prana.

‘Prana’ instills life. Physical body is alive till Prana flows. Physical body dies when Prana cease to flow. Breath, food, water, health, physical state, thoughts, emotions, energy of surroundings, actions, finances, success, intentions, thoughts and emotions of others - practically every aspect of living affects Prana. Good Prana results in holistic wellness. 

A fruit sustains freshness till the time Prana supply is there from tree. Moment the fruit is plucked, supply or Prana from tree is cut off and the decaying will commence. 


Body of human being functions better with good flow of Prana. A restful sleep, states of positive emotions, a calm mind and good food are all replenishment for Prana. Good thoughts and prayers of others also boost Prana. Visitng paces with high sportual energy also rejuvenates Prana. Prana at high altitude mountains is much more than at ground level hot plains. 

Martial art techniques of Tai Chi is a good way to experience affect of Prana on physical strength. Tai Chi uses mental imagery with physical motions to enhance flow of 'Chi'. Physical strength improves with the increased flow of 'Chi'. 'Energy Testing' also called 'Applied Kinesiology' is another excellent method to experience change in physical strength with the changes in Prana. Energy healers often demonstrate perceivable increase in muscle strength with healed Prana. 

Prana circulates in nature like food chain. In most cases, Prana of one living form is source of Prana for another. Plants convert earthly substances to edible forms. 'Earth Prana' is channeled to the Animals consuming fruits and plants. Hunted animal's prana is channeled to the animals, birds or insects consuming it. Excretion of animals feeds the soil feeding plants. The cycle thus continues. 

Prana can be called a simplified composite of all forms of energy that modern science is trying to re-search. Prana is what is holding the planets in place. Prana is what is making the light. Prana is making the earth and all beings on it. Prana is the basis of thoughts and emotions.

Intention, thoughts, emotions and focus affect Prana. Many people thinking good of a person can improve the person's Prana and vice versa. This unique ability of regulating flow of Prana with intentions and consciousness by sentient beings is utilized in energy healing.

Various 'Channels' of Prana can be utilized for healing. Practical implementation of this understanding will be a healing system in itself.

- Prana through Air & Breath Breath is known to maintain as well as quickly restore the Prana. Yogic breathing exercises of Pranayama have been curated for maintenance and quick rejuvenation of Prana.

- Prana from Fruits, Other Food and Intakes

- Water and Liquids Consumed

- Thoughts affecting Prana

- Emotions affecting Prana

- Plantations, Trees & Jungles

- Water Bodies, Rivers, Oceans, Mountains 

Whole Earth

- Prana from Sun

- Gemstones and Crystals

- Healing Symbols
- PRANA FROM THE WHOLE COSMOS(From the connect within)

Ancient wisdom of the Prana is foundation of almost all Energy Healing systems. Systems which have evolved from alternate sources now actively use this ancient wisdom of Prana. Nomenclature does not matter, it is something that was and will be. Modern science attempts to give it a new names like ‘Dark Energy’ or ‘God Particle’. The attributes seem to be same as ‘Consciousness’ and ‘Energy’ in ancient wisdom. It is to our benefit to utilize thousands of years of experience of researches that have formulated these simple systems, rather than trying to repudiate the existing knowledge in egoistic search of fresh nomenclatures.