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"Meditation is a natural state of being for all. 

It is the experiential realization of bliss at all times"

                                                      -  Parmanand (Ashutosh Bahuguna) 

Let us understand meditation in a different perspective.  Living in the natural sate we were born in is like maintaining a perpetual meditative environment. All are born with a magnificent mental potential including  wonderful psychic powers. As we grow up, the social environment encourages us to work out of the natural mind sate and psychic awareness. With mediation practices, we are mostly undoing what we have learnt and earned previously. Maintaining meditative sates in daily life is more important than gaining the benefits only during the practice of mediation. Our endeavor should be to decode the meditative mechanism and derive maximum benefits in whatever we do. It is important to meditate as practice for the benefits to trickle into our life, like a waterfall of benefits.  This modus of comprehending 'How Mediation Works' while experiencing it helps in easy implementation of the experiential aptitude development. Meditating this way certainly results in :-

- Reduced emotional  upheavals, better self control, Balanced Emotions

- Calm states of mind. Acting more and reacting less.

- Mental agility. Improved situational awareness.

- Improved Creativity. Ability to harness latent intuitive potentials for better creativity.

- Better memory

- Improved physical wellness, Improved Digestion, Resolution of health issues.
- High Aura energy flow
- Enhancement  of psychic and intuitive potential, ESP realization.

 Intrinsic psychic guidance for  new self- discoveries.

- May other experiential benefits leading to an overall 'Better & Better' life state.

Mediation can be easily understood by amalgamating the modern understanding of the mind functionalities and the effect of mind functions on the Aura. Realization of 'How it works' created an even better meditative experience. Using the age old techniques and effective modern approaches from systems likfe NLP( Neuro Lingusitic programming), Creative Visualization and  Silva Mind Control Method, a unique blend of highly beneficial meditations can be undertaken. After prolonged practice, practitioners are intrinsically guided  to  keep progressing on the improvement path using a balanced psychic and logical approach. Awakening of this creative potential sets all on a self-empowered path.