Bliss Cosmic Healing
Reiki, Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Chakras, Mind Power, Hypnosis & more ..

Reiki & Energy Healing ( Distance)

  - All Healing discussed in detail

   - Receiver may be given affirmations and forgiveness prayers to be read before commencing healing.

   - Healing Attunement is carried out before healing if required (may be in person or distance).

   - Crystal, Grids, Guidance on Affirmations, Positive Practices, Meditations and guidance on Aura Maintenance are an integral part of the healing services.

   - Self Healing Meditation Audio Provided for listening while healing is performed.

   Energy Exchange:

   Rs 2500/- * for 11 days distance healing .

   Rs 3500/- * for 21 days distance healing

Reiki & Energy Healing ( In Person)
   - Healing discussed and progressed as in case of distance healing.

   Energy Exchange:

   Rs 4500/- * for 11 days healing in person. 25-30 Minutes each day.
   Rs 6000/- * for 21 days healing in person. 25-30 Minutes each day.
   Rs 500/- * per session for attunement or healing in person other than the healing mentioned above ( 25 to 30 minutes per session)

Special Attunements for Financial Prosperity & Harmonious Relationships

   - Developed by Dr NK Sharma, founder of Reiki Healing Foundation.

   - Practiced only by Grand Masters of RHF

   - A detailed analysis precedes attunement & healing using questionnaires, Applied Kinesilogy & Chakra Analysis.

   - Affirmations & Forgiveness Prayers may have to be used by the receiver before commencing healing, if felt necessary. Guidance on alignment of subconscious mind by wise thoughts, emotions and actions is also provided.

   -Guided meditation audio also provided for visualization meditations..

   Energy Exchange:

   Rs 7500/- * (Healing attunement for 7 days & 21 days healing Included).

Special Attunement for Students

   - Developed by Dr NK Sharma, founder of Reiki Healing Foundation.

   - Aimed towards student's positive frame of mind, focus on studies, concentration & sharp memory for success in academics.

   - Affirmations and Visualizations suggested to students

   -Self Healing Meditation Audio Provided.

   Energy Exchange: Rs 5100/- (Healing attunemt for 3 days & 21 days healing Included). *

. * All Healing Services - Payments to be made before commencement of healing.   .