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Reiki Energy Healing with additional Methodologies

- All Healing discussed in detail. 

- Receiver will be given affirmations and forgiveness prayers to be read before commencing healing. In case of emergincies, family members to read forgiveness prayers to the receiver, before commencing the healing.

- Healing Attunement is prefrably carried out before healing (may be in person or distance).
- Self Healing Meditation audio ia also  provided. It can be downloaded from the giveaway section of this website.
- Guidance on maintaining good Aura, mental well being and balanced emotional state is also provided.

- Healing session will be 25-30 Minutes each day. If possible, receiver will be advised to be in meditative or inactive sates during the healing.

Crystal Grids are also used for the healing, to ensure effectiveness and continuous flow of healing energy throughout the day.

Energy Exchange for the healing services is mentioned below

 (To be paid on commencement of healing)


Distance Healing 

     2500/- * for 11 days distance healing . 
    3500/- * for 21 days distance healing 


Healing In Person

500/-  per session 

₹ 4500/- for 11 days healing in person
₹ 6000/- * for 21 days healing in person


Healing Attunements

₹ 500/-  per attunement

Receivers are attuned by Reiki Masters before healing for better results. Practitioners healing others or self, may utilize this service.

Special Attunements  

for Good Relationships | Prosperity & Success | Mind Activation | Student Success

- Attunement methodology for some important facets of life have been developed by DR NK Sharma, founder of Reiki Healing Foundation.

- These attunements along with methods to develop special attunements are a part of learning of Reiki Grand Masters, who are thereby the only authorized channels to practice these attunements.

- A detailed analysis using Instinctive responses,Energy Scanning and Applied Kinesilogy is a part of the process.

- Guidance from analysis is provided to the receiver. 

- Attunement is followed by a 21 day healing in distance.

- Guidance on conditioning subconscious for achieving desired results is also provided.

- No of Attunements  performed within these 21 days may vary from person to person. It is decided during the analysis.

- Family members or Partners may also be attuned at the same time (if willing to do so) for the desired achievement. It will be considered a part of this healing.

- Self healing meditation with guided audio and following guidance is imperative.

Energy Exchange for this Special Attunement and Healing is mentioned below


Good Relationships Attunement

& Prosperity Attunement

     7500/- including 21 days healing. 

Mind & Energy Body 

Activation Attunement

    ₹ 4500/- including 21 days healing.


Student Attunement

    ₹ 2100/- including 21 days healing.