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Energy Healing Diagnostics

Generic healing will always heal. However, issue resolution requires the pin pointing of energy to be worked upon for a quick resolution. Correct diagnosis can also be engaged as a preventive tool. The medical diagnosis is an excellent tool for the energy diagnosis too. The physical area requiring healing is known and the effectiveness of healing can also be checked with the medical diagnosis.

Please do remember, Energy Diagnostics or Energy Healing is not a replacement for the medical system in any way.

Knowledge of Aura and Chakras can be effectively used for energy diagnosis with measurements by Energy Healing Instruments'. Combining the same with intuitive methods can give very accurate results. Some of the methods that can be used for effective Energy  Healing Diagnosis are given below.

Hand Scanning (Supported by Intuition)

- The best method of energy Diagnosis is to feel the energy while scanning with hands, while accepting the intuitive guidance also. Progressively, the physical movement of the hand may be replaced with movement of conscious awareness through the body as if travelling through the energy of the person being scanned. The intuitive faculties coupled with the sensations are a great help. 

- Some methods like Silva Mind Control System and Theta healing engage a method of psychic travel through the physical body  in a very deep meditative state. This method can be honed with significant accuracy with experience. During his stay in US, Swami Ram had demonstrated the power of psychic diagnosis by confident psychic diagnosis of a hole in the heart without any internal medical examination. 

- Intuitive guidance is often received during the procedures of Psychic surgery performed by Level 3a / ART Reiki Healers. Healers have reported in-procedure visualizations like the organ psychically observed as if in real, energy colors changing or some random representative visualization depicting the energy state of the body part being healed.
- While healing following intuition leads to to healing in the required directions. The intuition may be just a instinctive guidance, a physical feeling or any other form. Healers often feel aches, pains and emotional state of the receiver while healing. The feelings &sensations are for guidance and do fade away as the healing is continued. 


Aura Analysis

- Aura can be measured with easily using L-Rods. This method is now used in Reiki. The component unfavorable energy (called negative energy) and favorable energy (called positive energy) can also be measured. Aura should be more than 3 meters or 10 feet approximately. Lesser measurements demand immediate healing. Aura from individual organs or body parts can also be checked. 
- Sensing of ‘Energy Body’ or ‘Pranic Sheath’ (first out of the 5 Sheaths in Aura) is resorted to in Prana Violet Healing(PVH) and Pranic Healing. The body is dived into four sections (left top, left bottom, right top and right bottom). The size and balance of Energy body is checked for physical healing. The method also resorts to measurement of Aura of different body parts, organs as well of shape of Chakras . The difference in method in both is that Pranic healers tend to measure from edge towards body whereas PVH healer measure Aura from body outwards.
- The Mental and Emotional Body is also checked when undertaking healing related to mind emotions and subconscious beliefs. Kind of energy in each of the sheath of Aura can also be checked with any of these methods. Habits driven by emotional interferes related to deeper layers of mind can be checked and healed in this manner. 

- The shape of Aura can be checked by visually observing the Aura or resorting to Aura Photography. Children are very good at observing Auras. We often ask our daughter to corss-check Aura shape and colors. Aura Photography is explained in detail on another page.


Chakras Scan

- Ability to sense Chakras by moving hands over Chakras can also be developed with experiential learning. This spontaneously happens to Reiki healers with the daily Chakra & Aura healing process.
- Dowsing can also be used to measure Chakras. This is an easy method for healers. Moving dowser over the Chakra or connecting to the Chakra of individual and dowsing gives the health of Chakra by circular motion in clockwise direction. An unfavorable sate is indicated by anticlockwise motion. Abrupt small movements or no movements indicated disrupted and blocked energy state. Length off Chakra and radius both can be ckeded with dowsing. The root cause of issues, suitable healing and duration of healing, all may be checked by Dowsing.
- Prana Violet Healing sensing and Pranic healing Chakra measurement are similar in nature and measure the length and width of the Chakras before healing. The length and radius of Chakra is measured. Prana violet healing method goes a step beyond other methods by detecting any chords onto the Chakras. Any unfavorable Chakra connection to sources of energy other than the cosmic energy eg. Gurus, groups etc., is also checked.
- Peacock Feather  can be used to measure the height of Chakra of person lying down. The feather is held lightly with crown of feather parallel to the body of a person lying down. Crown of the feather is moved along the center of body, close to the body, a couple of inches away.   The crown of the feather rises wherever the Chakra is located.


Applied Kinesiology (Muscle Testing)

It is the method of testing the muscle strength under effect of foods, words and thoughts. Another person is required for testing changes in muscle strength .It can be used  by individual also after significant practice.  This is a very good method for find out favorable foods, thoughts, actions, healing methods- practically any answer one may look for. The Subconscious mind of individual has a super-conscious connect to all wisdom ; thus able to answer all questions. This unique ability is the ones that makes Applied Kinesiology works. ‘The Body Knows it all’


Energy Testing 

This is a method used by Donna Eden. It is practically the same as Applied Kinesiology. She calls is Energy testing because the energy sate and not the muscle strength is the desired outcome.  The method is used to find the state of Chakras, individual body parts, crossover of energies, suitability and quantity of food items, health of meridians, flow direction and grounding of energy. The system requires little practice and gives great results.


Plants and Lime as indicators

If plants in the vicinity of a person start to persist, it is an indicator of remedial actions. For checking any heavy influence of unfavorable energy, a traditional lime testing may be used. Take two lime of same freshness. Place one to the bedstead overnight and the second one in another place which possesses perceivable good energy. Faster decaying and browning of the lime next to bed is an indicator of 


Crystals Check

Cracking of crystals while healing or when placed next to bed overnight for checking is an indicator of excessively high unfavorable energy. Only people trained and experienced in advanced healing should deal with such issues. 


Healing Lamp

The healing lamp can be programmed with intentions, symbols or placing a healing affirmation note under the lamp. Black soot indicates requirement of healing. Repeat checking till the soot is no longer deposited.


Glass of water technique

A part of Silva Mind Control Method, this can be utilized for psychic revelations of answers. 

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