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Crystal Healing, Grids  & Other Healing Aids

Crystals are used as the programming and energy control instruments in Energy Healing. Since time immemorial crystals, stones and gemstones have been used by all civilizations as devices for Cosmic Energy control. All kings and nobles of ancient civilizations had their crowns studded with these crystals for elevating their energy levels. The energy healers and Shamans wear or carry some kind of a crystal, gem or stone which may be in form of an ornament, ball, artifact, stick or a wand.

Quartz is the most widely used crystal for Energy Healing. It is found in various shapes, sizes, colours and clusters. Healing properties differ for all types; however clear quartz can be used for any healing.

Quartz has been the backbone of many modern developments like programming, lasers, communication systems, Radio, TV and ultrasound among others. The well-defined tetrahedron structure molecular structure of quartz, composed of Silicon Di Oxide, has a piezoelectric potential i.e. when energy is provided to the crystal eg heat, pressure or any type of impact, the electrons in orbit begin to jump and release a mild electrical charge that is a vibration which can be harnessed. Unique properties of Quartz like piezoelectricity, energy storage and amplification have been used in the modern devices.

Energy healers use crystals and stones, especially quartz as instruments which can be programmed for focusing instant and continuous amplified cosmic energy towards a particular requirement. Crystals healing is a science in itself. Crystal grids of various types are an effective energy amplification and time management tool of energy healers. Crystal grids help energy healers achieve effective result in a reduced duration. Stones and Crystals are also used for charging and maintaining the Chakras and Aura. Healing crystals may be used in the raw form as stones, wands, clusters etc. or may be shaped in from of pyramids, pencils, laser pencils, pendants, stars, pendulums, wands, jewelry etc. Wearing, carrying of requisite programmed crystals increases the aura and positive energy of all individuals.