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Sqn Ldr (Retd) Ashutosh Bahuguna, Reiki Grand Master
Ashutosh is a military veteran having flown Helicopters in Indian Air Force for 13 years before taking on corporate roles. An alumnus of National Defence Academy, Air Force Academy and Management Development Institute, he has been a keen seeker of spiritual practices and powers beyond perceivable existence. Yoga and Mediation came to him early in life and he reaped the benefits, which included self-management of Sarcaidosis without medication using 'Pranayaam' breath exercises of Yoga System and subconscious conditioning methodologies propagated and authored in a book by Dr Joseph Murphy. Upbringing in a family following many Vedic traditions eased his understanding of energy healing practices. He is a practicing Reiki Grand Master for past three years. He is also a keen practitioner of Prana Violet Healing, Dowsing, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Crystal Healing along with Subconscious conditioning methodology to reap the latent powers for healing and making things better & better.

Ms. Neerja Bahuguna, Reiki Grand Master
Neerja  has always lead a spiritual life aiming to make the world around her, a positive place to live in.  is a professional Cosmetologist with Masters in Business Administration and Masters in Commerce as educational background. Her own beauty services venture, 'Violet Beauty Hub', provides energy healing services along with beauty services. She has been a Headmistress at Air Force School Ghaziabad, previously. She has imbibed positive energy generation, meditation and spirituality from Astrology & Energy Sciences enthusiasts in her family. Many of her close associates and acquaintances have benefited from her guidance. Progressing to a practicing Reiki Grand Master, has enabled her heal better and better. She also practices Prana Violet Healing, dowsing & crystal ball gazing for enhancing her spiritual healing abilities. She is also a certified practitioner of Magnified healing.


We express heartfelt gratitude to  
- Dr NK Sharma, Founders of Reiki Healing Foundation, for showing us the light of Energy Healing;
- Mr Siva P,  founder of Prana Violet Healing for guiding us towards better energy healing practices.
- Swami Ramdev (Yoga,Pranayaam), Donna Eden (Energy Medicine), Hose Silva (Silva Mind Control System), Gary Craig & Nick Ortner (EFT / Tapping), Vianna Stibal (Theta Healing),  Carrol Tuttle (Chakra Healing), Swami Ram & Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati  (Shrividya Tantra ),  Sir John George Woodroffe ( The Serpent Power) , Shakti Gwain (Creative Visualisation), Tom Best (NLP), Dr Wayne Dyer, Dr John Cerbone and Dr Richard Nongard(Speed Trance), Bob Proctor,  Napoleon Hill,  Louise Hay and all those whose works have empowered us to serve others.
- Spiritual Guidance in Bhagwad Geeta .
- The Whole Cosmos for giving us this opportunity to contribute towards making the  exstense and better&better one.

Usui Shiki Ryoho : Reiki Lineage

Neerja & Ashutosh Bahuguna

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