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How to click the picture 

- Use any cellphone or digital camera to click the photograph. Using flash is mandatory.

- Choose a light colored BLANK WALL. Ignore minor fixtures like switches. (COLOR AS CLOSE TO WHITE AS POSSIBLE). Stand close to the wall.

- Room LIGHTING should be EXTREMELY DIM. Pull all curtains in daytime.  Light should not be falling on the back wall.

- Take picture from 7-8 FEET  with camera at chest height. 

- using flash light is mandatory.flash preference to 'On'.

- The image on top has been placed for guidance.

- Terms and Conditions are placed at the bottom of this page.

- Check the width and shape of aura for checking balance and intensity of each Chakra. 


- This methodology has been developed by Squadron Leader Ashutosh Bahuguna (Retired) independently, using opensource imaging software. Ownership of the process and processed images by Aura Imaging Digitized is with him. 

- The processing will be addressed on first come first serve basis. Please be patient.

Offering gratitude to all who make use of this methodology for checking Aura and participating in the project for benefit of others too. Thank You ! 

Please send the photograph via webfrom below

or  email  (Detials below web form)

or Facebook Page - facebook.com/AuraImagingDigitized/

(This is a replication of ContactUs webform)

Email Image to:  aid@blisscosmichealing.net 

with      Subject :   Image Submission for Aura Processing with Aura Imaging Digitized. I Agree to terms and conditions .

Terms & Conditions

1. The sender of mail  is willingly submitting the image for Aura processing by Aura Imaging Digitized.

2. The sender claims full responsibility and ownership  of the image being emailed.

3. The sender agrees to receiving emails from aid@blisscosmichealing  through email applications. Any request for dis-continuation of emails may be forwarded by a subject line "Please Discontinue. Thank You." 

4. Confidentiality of the images will be maintained. The images may be used in social media by Bliss Cosmic Healing with Prior Consent of the sender.

5. Processing of image is owned by Aura Imaging Digitized. The processed image will bear a water mark. Permission of Squadron Leader  Ashutosh Bahuguna (Retired) is required for any reproduction or distribution of processed images.

5. Any change in terms and conditions will be updated at this web location itself.