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Aura Photography for Diagnosis

Modern scientific studies have not yet been able to deeply discern intricacies of Aura. Aura photography has been attempted with various methodologies over the years. Some Aura photography methods have been briefly touched upon.


Kirlian photography was accidentally discovered by Semyon Kirlian, in 1939. Photographs of objects were surrounded by a glow, when current was made to flow thorough objects placed over a photographic plate. This was contemplated to be Aura. Photographs were almost monochrome. The method gained popularity with Alternative therapy practitioners.


Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) is an improvement utilising similar setup as Kirlian photography. Devices like Bio Well camera by Dr. Konstantin Korotkovare a result of further developments of GDV equipment and associated software.


Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) is a methodology in which colour are induced into the pictures to improve visible presentation of Aura. Filters are also used. PIP has gained widespread popularity among medical practitioners since 1980s. The inventor Harry Oldfield is an innovator and he currently propagates an upgrade to New Energy Vision camera and software.


Win Aura involves some sensors which are touched while operating recording systems from an electronic camera. It is a combination of feedback sensors, video input and software for presenting Aura in a commonly visible spectrum. The inventor, Guy Cognis has now developed Aura imaging products like AuraCam 6000 also called  Coggins Camera.


Digital Aura Scanner is a software based application using digital photographs to analyse various aspects of Aura associated with any person, object or place. The system has been developed at Reiki Healing Foundation under the leadership of Dr NK Sharma. Interpretation of onset of issues can also be made out from the digitally processed Aura images.


Aura Imaging Digitised (AID) [Under Development] Digital photography captures a wide range of light energy signature, including frequencies which are beyond visual perception of humans. Digital pictures from phones or cameras (taken under specified lighting conditions), are put through a processing by open source digital imaging software. The system has been developed by Ashutosh Bahuguna to ‘Aid’ observation of Aura shape and balance, till now. Background and lighting conditions can be easily accomplished at home. 

The text above  is an extract from 'Reiki Level 1 & Other Keys to Energy Healing' by Pramanand ( Ashutosh Bahuguna) available on Kindle.

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