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Affirmations & Prayers

Prayers are an integral part of most spiritual practices. Prayers are strong positive intentions conveyed in words.

Prayers increase the energy  of the one being offered by the respect appreciation and gratitude and in turn increasing the energy of the ones praying also.

Healing prayers are known to benefit even when no other means seem to work. The practice is called faith healing at times.

In Energy Healing practices, forgiveness prayers are an efficient methodology of detaching inflow of in-conducive energy from any source. The root cause of this inflow of undesired energy may reside in past life karma and events and unknown to us.

The "Bliss Forgiveness Prayers" have been compiled with intentions to address all sources of in-conducive inflow and combine with the healing. The Forgiveness prayers can be downloaded from the give away section. These can be used by anyone. The difference in evidently noticeable by all who have used it.

The piratical research proof of the effect of prayers can be found in the 'Emoto Water Project'. The crystalline structure of water changes to a remarkably beautiful one after offering prayers. Human body being mostly water, will surely respond in the same manner.